The Scars My Father Left Me With…

  There are things in this world that we can't control. Can't change. Can't even understand. For me, that something that is constantly haunting my soul is my abusive biological father. And its something I've obviously struggled with for a long time. We walked on eggshells when we were at his house. Nature became our sanctuary.… Continue reading The Scars My Father Left Me With…


Fat Free……EW What is that??!!

    I hate fat free. I have always thought that was some kind of scam. How could the same things that are "bad" for you have the FAT removed and then be healthy? That doesn't seem right. Seems like you would need to replace that with something in order for it to taste the… Continue reading Fat Free……EW What is that??!!

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Being More…Never Less

I read a super inspiring post lately from Nia Shanks on her blog. Read it here. It brought to light all the ways that women are "disappearing." Lose Weight. Less Calories. Less junk food. Smaller Clothes. Thigh Gap. Bat Wings. Double Chins. Back Fat. Bra Bulge. Muffin Top. Bingo Arms. Why the hell do we do this??… Continue reading Being More…Never Less


Follow up on “impoved diet” – Keepin’ it real

So, I went grocery shopping Tuesday after we put Super Girl to bed. I got a lot of really good for us food. Came home super pumped that we were going to eat well for a week. One Day Post Groc -had breakfast. One point! Day Two Post Groc - had breakfast. Yay! ...I had breakfast all week,… Continue reading Follow up on “impoved diet” – Keepin’ it real

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Molly Sims = Super Awesome

  Molly Sims is freaking awesome! I know what you're thinking, she's a model and celebrity- of course she's awesome! BUT that's not what makes her awesome to me. Its her approachable nature. How transparent she is. How freaking down to earth she is! If you haven't checked out her blog, you owe it to… Continue reading Molly Sims = Super Awesome