Changing My Tune

So originally I started this blog as a place to get my ideas out in the world about parenting and social change. Then I realized that any change in the world I was hoping to see would need to come from within. Maybe instead of focusing on the children, we need to focus on the… Continue reading Changing My Tune


Moon Sign When You Were Born

This is something that is purely interesting. I believe that the world around us has a lot of pull and effect on us, internally and externally. I'm not really religious, but I find that solace in the natural element of Earth. I love astrology, geology, biology, and chemistry. All the sciences!! I stumbled on a… Continue reading Moon Sign When You Were Born


Stories I’ll Never Write That No One Will Ever Read …

    So, I've always been a bit of a writer...Poems in my spare time during middle and high school. Aceing English class. Applying to Ivy League schools and winning essay contests. But what you don't know, is that I just played Two Truths and A Lie with you and you'll never know the difference.… Continue reading Stories I’ll Never Write That No One Will Ever Read …