Moon Sign When You Were Born

This is something that is purely interesting. I believe that the world around us has a lot of pull and effect on us, internally and externally. I’m not really religious, but I find that solace in the natural element of Earth. I love astrology, geology, biology, and chemistry. All the sciences!!

I stumbled on a Farmers Almanac recently from the year I was born. Side note: My grandfather is a hoarder, so that is how I got a hold of this. And one of the things listed is what sign the moon was in on a certain day. I’m an Aquarius (February), but my moon sign is Virgo!

So, then I just went on a Google rampage. “What does is mean if your moon sign is Virgo?” I stumbled upon a pretty cool website that laid it all out for me. Check it out here.

Basically, it described me to a T!  My need for structure. My ability to break things down and get to the root of the problem. My love of nutrition. My slightly restless soul. All of it.

I suggest if you’re killing time on the internet, in between YouTube videos of April- the giraffe, look up your birth signs! You might learn something about yourself!


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