Motherhood, Wellness

Teaching Children About Nutrition


No one really taught me about nutrition. Not really.

My mother taught me that Pepsi and pizza were a treat. That Oreos are super amazing. That ice-cream is best served after dinner.

If she reads this, she’ll freak. She really did try to feed us healthy food. Meat, pasta, rice, vegetables, and fruit. I think where she failed is that example is stronger than advice. She didn’t have the healthiest relationship with food and I think that rubbed off on us.

So, now that I’m raising Super Girl, I’m trying to be better.

I don’t believe in BAD food and GOOD food. I think this leaves too many negative emotions attached to food, when really the goal of food is to nourish and inspire, not shame. There definitely is some food we could without, but for the most part I like the thought train of OCCASIONAL food and EVERYDAY food.

Occasional Food

Take out




Everyday Food





I like that this way you don’t’ feel bad about eating BAD foods. Everyone deserves to feel good about their choices and empowered by them. It’s all about nourishing our bodies and looking at food as fuel. Hot fudge is fuel too, but only occasionally!!




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