Stories I’ll Never Write That No One Will Ever Read …



So, I’ve always been a bit of a writer…Poems in my spare time during middle and high school. Aceing English class. Applying to Ivy League schools and winning essay contests. But what you don’t know, is that I just played Two Truths and A Lie with you and you’ll never know the difference. That’s why I like being a writer. I’m always right. There is no wrong way to write. Just like there is no wrong way to feel. The only real problem is that today you may have incredicle shit to say, but no one will ever read it. Boom. Said it.

Your book will never be published.

You will never rise to Hemingway status (drunken or not). The only thing people will read is your Twitter rant about the inequality of exposure for Clown fish vs. Gold fish after you’ve wateched Finding Nemo for the 12th time.

This is how the world will remember you.

This is our legacy to the next generation. To the aliens that find the ruins of this planet under water when the caps melt. And that is exactly what you’re reading: stories of mine that are super awesome but that no one will ever read. Until now!

So, welcome to my sweet little blog space….Think this post will turn into a series of books that I have been writing. Don’t really know. That’s the beauty of a blog.


Stay Tuned!


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