Fat Free……EW What is that??!!



I hate fat free.

I have always thought that was some kind of scam. How could the same things that are “bad” for you have the FAT removed and then be healthy? That doesn’t seem right.

Seems like you would need to replace that with something in order for it to taste the same.

Turns out I’m right. I KNEW IT! I’m always right. Yep, I don’t suffer a lack of confidence.

Fat Free is a scam. Don’t eat that crap!

Eat whole, local foods as close to their natural state that you can. I think that is the secret to health.

Listen, I’m not healthy. I was looking for something to put hot fudge on last night because we were out of ice-cream….yeah, rough night. But, I try and I could always be better.

I think the more we “vote with our wallets,” the more change we’ll see.


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