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Being More…Never Less

I read a super inspiring post lately from Nia Shanks on her blog. Read it here. It brought to light all the ways that women are “disappearing.”

Lose Weight. Less Calories. Less junk food.

Smaller Clothes.

Thigh Gap. Bat Wings. Double Chins. Back Fat. Bra Bulge. Muffin Top. Bingo Arms.

Why the hell do we do this??

I haven’t actively worn shorts in- I don’t even know how many years. BECAUSE of my presumed fat legs. This is a) a first world problem b)probably all in my head c) the stupidest thing I’ve ever admitted to.

But I bought shorts last week. And I freaking love them. And I’m going to freaking wear them this summer and I don’t care if you don’t like it! Actually, I know that most people don’t even care, won’t notice, and don’t even know who I am.

I refuse to let my poor body image hurt my daughter. So I’m wearing the damn shorts and I’m going to tell the mean voice inside my head to “Suck It!”

I want MORE out of life. More laughs. More endurance. More vegetables. More weight on my dumbbells. More experiences. More local foods. More time with my family. More memories. More miles beneath my feet. More thought-provoking discussions. More new places. More travel. More smiles. More baby laughter. More love shared. More strength. More fun times. More moments of freedom. More time spent in nature. More Sundays with no plans. More weekends. More health. More time to read. More happy!

I don’t want LESS. Unless its –less hate. Less tough choices. Less traffic. Less people in grocery aisles. Less sexism. Less racism. Less ageism. Less work time. Less obligations. Less stress. Less commercials. Less loss. Less judgment. Less Mondays. Less disease. Less processed crap. Less guilt.






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