Follow up on “impoved diet” – Keepin’ it real

So, I went grocery shopping Tuesday after we put Super Girl to bed. I got a lot of really good for us food. Came home super pumped that we were going to eat well for a week.

One Day Post Groc -had breakfast. One point!

Day Two Post Groc – had breakfast. Yay!

…I had breakfast all week, but breakfast wasn’t the problem. It was all the other meals. Or the meals in between meals.


So, initially I was going to do a super positive follow-up post on how this all went…..but it didn’t go very well. I’m the worst at following my own plans and aspirations! Then life gets in my way..

I’m going to come up with other ways to help make this happen. Maybe I’ll do a meal prep day ….Boil eggs for snacks, cook sweet potatoes in the crock for the week, make a batch of soup as back up, store salad greens in ready to go mason jars, cut up veggies so there are no excuses!!!

I’m full of excuses, in case you haven’t noticed!!

One really cool thing that came out of it was that I tried Goat’s Milk. Honestly, I don’t even taste a difference. I love milk. I love diary. It isn’t totally loving me back. Now I’m on a mission to find some local goat’s milk!

Hopefully I have a better update next week!




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