Mommy Lessons I Learned from my Daughter


Parenting is all about teaching our children the values that will one day help them become contributing members of society.

But what if your children are the ones teaching you at the same time? Its super awesome! On almost a daily basis, Super Girl teaches me something. Whether it is something about myself that I may not have noticed, or something about the world, or just something to make me more awesome!

Thanks, Super Girl!

This weekend it was teaching me to just go with the flow and not be embarrassed and not to judge. We were on a super awesome road trip to our favorite breakfast place and local maple syrup farm about 2 hours from our house. We smelled something foul coming from the backseat and decided to make a pit stop to change Super Girl’s diaper. We stopped at a super awesome Kohl’s…and let me tell you, it was a good thing we did! It was everywhere!! On every piece of clothing. I used every wipe we brought and then bathroom paper towels ran under the water. And after I stripped all infected clothing and trashed it….Super Girl was wearing only a hoodie and a diaper.

Instead of  freaking out like I might have if this had happened to just me…..I would have been beyond embarrassed of anything of the sort. Maybe not pooping on myself but any kind of wardrobe malfunction. My face would be red and I would most likely lash out at my husband. (I’m telling you, she is helping me immensely!) But instead, I was cool. I put on any of the clothes that weren’t soiled and the clean diaper. I coolly walked out of the stinky bathroom, down the long hallway to my waiting husband and stated “we need a new outfit.”

Then we grabbed an outfit-thank goodness we were at a clothing store! On the way to the check out, there was a waiting employee that greeted us and I felt the need to say “We had an accident, so we needed a new outfit.” The woman looked at me and said “Hunny, I have 3 boys….you don’t have to say anything else!” That empathy allowed me to let go of the worries that someone might think my baby was always dressed in just a diaper. Who would think that? But it also made me reflective if I have been so lenient in the past about similar situations. Was I the person judging other moms? Your kid has shorts on in the winter? Why is your kid screaming in the aisle at the grocery store?

Why was I judging those other people? I’d like to think it’s because I wasn’t a mother yet. Let’s go with that! I’ve made a pact though to not be that person. To be the person who sympathized with me. The person who realized this one moment of parenting that you are witnessing is not the only moment I was a parent. What about the other 23.8 hours in the day?

I hope that I helped my daughter learn a lesson about staying calm and doing what needs to be done. I also may have taught her to not judge others so harshly, but mostly that lesson was mine. That is a lesson I will certainly be passing along though.

Build people up. Life already does a really great job of tearing us down.



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