Improving Our Family Diet

Diet. Cleanse. Fasting.

Yeah. I don’t like any of those words. At least what they have come to mean. Diet is the sum of all things you eat, not the limitation of calories you allow your body. I have always struggled with a negative body image and poor relationship to food. These are things that I don’t want to pass on to Super Girl!

My diet was pretty okay during pregnancy. I would say it was better than the average American’s and I felt pretty good about it. My nutritionist gave me some tips to help tweak some of my weaker areas-and here I thought I was doing so good! But with the addition of my bundle of joy and a change in my hours at work, there is barely time for grocery shopping or making dinner.

Take out has been the norm. I’m not cool with that! I hate feeling the way eating like crap makes me feel.

1)Set a day and time for grocery shopping – Half of my battle is just going grocery shopping. If I have good food available, I’m 50% more likely to eat it….only 50%. No guarantee. I’ll be real. I love my chocolate and convenience foods. But I’m learning to love myself MORE.

2)Make breakfasts – My mornings are about as drama filled as a RHOBH reunion! There is screaming and shouting and throwing things….and that’s just from me! If I can streamline my mornings a bit, then maybe I’ll be more likely to have a good breakfast.

3)Have salad/veggie/fruit with every meal – maybe not all at the same meal. But I need to get more colors in and that’s an easy way.

4)Give myself some slack but in a constructive way – I am a moderation person. If I die tomorrow, that last brownie will totally be fine with me. But I don’t need them all the time. Or maybe I’ll make them with secret black beans or avocado (LOVE!).

Life is meant to be enjoyed and savored. Let’s savor the moments, enjoy the food, drink good wine, and laugh A LOT! Happy mommas raise happy kiddos!


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