Easter Presents for Baby



Easter is almost upon us! I’m super stoked because that hopefully means an end to the snow!!! (I live in Western NY)

With the upcoming holiday, we have been thinking what we should get Super Girl for Easter…and what to request from the Easter Bunny! No judgment here.   🙂

I’m not a huge fan of candy and chocolate for Super Girl, she is only 9 months after all. I always lean more toward experiences rather than materialistic objects. Here are some cool ideas of things that might be a nifty addition to any Easter basket:

Squirt Guns/Water Guns – Super fun! We have older cousins, so you have to be prepared for spontaneous water fights.

Water Balloon Kits – These might end up being for Mom and Dad, but hey as long as someone is having fun!

Sidewalk Chalk-When we went shopping they had great big kits with all sorts of cool things in them! But we opted for a small set, since Super Girl is still small.

Jump Ropes-Yeah so we can’t really use these yet, but they are super awesome!

Sunscreen/Bug Spray-What better time to stock up? Sure, the kids won’t be SUPER excited to get it, but they definitely will use it.

Sunglasses-Same thing here. They have super awesome glasses now with a soft band to put around baby’s head and keep it there.

Sun Hat– We have a hat problem. We have at least 3 options for every hat need. We have a baseball cap, a water hat with UPF, and a cute straw hat for gardening!

Sandals/Water Shoes-Stocking up for our water adventures. I thought Water shoes would be way easier for the hot sand and to keep on baby’s feet.

Swim Items – Swimsuits, trunks, diapers, floaties, pools, sprinklers…the list is endless

flash cards

Tickets – Kids might not understand the tickets, but if you made up a cute print of the experience, it might go over better. Think Zoo, Aquarium, Adventure Park, National Parks, Trips, Favorite Restaurants, Movies, Special Date with Mom or Dad.

Coloring Book – Yep. I love to color. Even before Adult coloring books were all the rage I would grab a cool one and doodle. So, I will definitely be grabbing some of them for the basket! 🙂 Momma might even steal one!

Planting kit – Baby may not be old enough to plant by themselves, but if you guys have a special plant from start to finish it will be a cool experience for you both.

Carrier/Stroller – If you don’t have one of these, now is the time to get one! With the nice weather you guys will be cruising around the neighborhood; be it the city streets or rural roads. Super Girl likes to go fast in her stroller and loves being able to see where she is going now that she is older.


Have any cool ideas for Super Girl’s Basket?? Send ’em on over!






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