Planning Baby’s First Birthday Party…Without Losing Your Mind


First Birthday Parties! They can be quite the production. There are so many people that want to be involved, so many fun ideas to use, and so many stressors! I’m a pretty simple person and I try to keep things low-key. So, when we started to think about Super Girl’s birthday party…I’m trying to keep it fun and stress free as possible.

Guest List – Maybe we don’t need to invite the whole block or Super Man’s whole extended Italian family. Are there going to be hurt feelings? Yes, ma’am! There always are. But in my mind, this birthday is for your little super hero, not those other people. If they didn’t play that much of a role in your little one’s first year-then take that into serious consideration when going over your guest list. Also, think about how your little one may react to the number of guests you have chosen. If they love people, go for it. If they get overwhelmed, then I would scale it back. This means less people that you have to mingle with while trying to make your little one go crazy on the cake and helping to open presents!

Food – Speaking of cake…What are you going to serve? Depending on the time of the party, you could do just appetizers. Pizza is definitely an option. Maybe your venue offers catering or you could cater from your favorite restaurant. While planning our party, we initially thought “we’ll just barbeque” which was great until we thought about how someone would have to man the grill and neither of us wanted to miss any of the action. So, next best thing..we’re getting catered bbq from our favorite local joint. No dishes, no mess, no missed presents or cake moments, no hassle! My kind of party!

Activities –  I know its a first birthday party and there isn’t too much that Super Girl will be doing – besides being loved and hugged and fed cake. But, we do have some older cousins coming and friends with kids, so I figured there should be something for both adults and kids to do to beat party boredom. Since our party is in June, we are going to have bubbles, hula hoops, water guns, corn hole, and volleyball.

Decorations –  I know everyone feels a bit differently about this subject. Some want only the best, coolest, hippest decorations. I’m not really one of them. While later in her life Super Girl might have her taste preferences and super cool themed parties, I don’t think she’ll begrudge me for a rather plain first party. Do you remember your first birthday? I definitely don’t. So, I’ll probably just pick a color and go with it. No expensive decorations needed.

Venue –  This one was easy for us. Super Girl’s birthday is in June and we wanted it to be outside, so we’re just going to do it in the backyard. Nice and easy. But if it were in the winter or you live where it is too warm to be comfortable, go for a venue! No clean up, no mess, all the work is done for you! You can find a restaurant in the area with a private room, or a park with a shelter, kids gyms are also pretty cool and always have rooms!

More than anything, this is a party for your baby. What would they enjoy or allow everyone to enjoy the time with baby more? I’m not planning a party for them, I’m planning it for Baby!

Let me know if you have any other ideas to help simplify my party!!






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