9 Month Old Worries

Super Girl is 9 months! Where has that time gone!? And every milestone brings with it new challenges and setbacks.

Not crawling or walking-Super Girl is not crawling…She can rotate on her belly and stands very well, but no movement. I don’t really like that this is even a benchmark. I feel like all babies are different and if we wanted them all to be the same it would be a shame. Also, I’m secretly happy because this allows me more time to baby-proof! yes! #workingmom

Grabbing everything-The best advice I can find for this is to make a kid-friendly environment ..meaning that anything in the area is something that the kids can have. Don’t store your grandmother’s china on the bottom shelf of the cupboard.

Everything in the mouth – We’re only human and we all do the best we can. No parent wakes up in the morning with the intentions to suck. Remember that. So that being said, there are some things I can control and some things that the universe just places in my path. Like I can put the cart cover on at the store, but I can’t help that when I look back from the shelf, Super Girl has the only portion of the cart not covered in her mouth.

Baby proofing- Kinda goes hand in hand with the grabbing everything…but stairs and outlets are the obvious culprits. I have a door on my basement, so that makes it a bit easier and there are no stairs inside (YET!!) because we have a ranch.



More to come as more pop up!!! Any worries that you are facing??




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