Thinking about Baby #2

So, as the title implies, I’m thinking about Super Hero #2! And when I say “I’m” I really mean that I’ve discussed this with my Team of Super Heroes and we are all on board. My littlest super hero is too small to tell us how she feels, but I’m pretty sure she is stoked!

But with the thought of having another baby brings along all sorts of different worries than the first time around.


First Baby: Is the house ready for Baby? Do we have the best possible daycare picked out? Do we have our bags packed for the hospital like 3 months in advance? Did we take our birth classes? How is labor going to be? Will I carry this baby to full term?

Second Baby: Are we going to have enough time to spend with both kids? Do we need a bigger vehicle? Will my first child resent my second? Will my first child feel unloved? Will I be able to get pregnant again?

See how they changed?

I come from a family of 5 children. So there was never much question for me that I would want more than 1 child, if that was in the cards for me. (Believe me…I hear ya!!) My Super Husband is an only child. He was always open to more children. He was a bit apprehensive though, because he is head over heels for Super Girl and worries that he couldn’t love another as much. (Which I’m positive will change the second #2 comes into the picture!!)

So, we’ll see how it all goes. But my approach is somewhat simple. We have agreed that we are good with another child from this moment on, so we’re going to see if it will naturally come about. If in say, a year or so, there is still nothing we have actually have to get technical with it: think ovulation strips and timing! lol

Wish us luck! Anyone else thinking about #2??







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